Student safety is our number one priority - please abide by the guidelines for the north parking lot and the drop-off/pick-up loop.

  • During arrival, the gates close 10 minutes before school starts for the safety of the students and parents walking to school. 
  • When entering the loop, please remember to form 2 lanes.  Pull as far up as you can, even where the cards merge.  This will help with the flow of drop off and avoid backups on 8 mile 
  • Do not get out of your vehicle. The loop volunteers will assist your children out of the vehicles.
  • For the safety of your students, please have them exit your vehicle only on the side where your loop volunteer is located. 
  • In the parking lot facing 8 Mile Road, cars should not be waiting in line to exit off of Center Street. This is not safe for students walking from the parking lot and blocks parking spots from other Amerman families.
  • You may remain parked in your parking spot or exit off of 8 Mile Road turning right only.
  • Do NOT drop your child off where the buses dropoff.  This is extremely unsafe and is not allowed. Please park or pull into the parking lot if you are dropping off your child.
  • During dismissal, the gates close when the bell rings and remain closed for 5-8 minutes after the bell depending on the walking traffic.

Be sure to share this information with anyone who may be helping you out (grandparents, sitters, other caregivers). 

Drop-off And Pickup Guidelines