Ms. Beson's Favorite Things

  • Grade/Title - First
  • Beverage - Coke, smoothies, hot cocoa
  • Sweet Treat - chocolate
  • Savory Treat - things that crunch, chips, pretzels, etc.
  • Cookie/Pastry - yes, any
  • Candy - Chocolate
  • Restaurant - On the Border, Logans, Chilis, Mother's Pizza, Jersey Mike's Subs,
  • Meal -
  • Author (for yourself) -
  • Author (for your students) - Kevin Henkes, Melanie Watt, Mo Willems
  • Color - pink
  • Flower - roses, lilacs, peonies
  • Sports Team - Michigan
  • Hobby -
  • Place to Shop (for yourself) - Target, Amazon
  • Place to Shop (for school stuff) - Amazon
  • What are your Initials (first/middle/last) - BMB
  • When is your Birthday (month/day) - March
  • Other favorite things -

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