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​​Restaurant Nights

Every month we find a restaurant sponsor that donates a percentage of your bill when you eat on a scheduled night (typically during dinner hours).   Please check the Memberhub Calendar for those nights..


• Obtain a Kroger Plus Card from your local store
• Visit
• Sign in, or click on Create an Account if you do not already have an account
• Follow the prompts to search for Amerman Elementary School PTA (you can find us simply by typing Amerman in the Find Your Organization field)
• Be sure to scan your Kroger Plus card or enter your phone number at check out
• You must re-enroll each April


​• Visit
• Under the MyWay heading, choose Sign Up for MyWay or Login to MyWay
• Log in, or follow the prompts to create an account if you don’t already have one
• Once logged in, click on the Hello, (your name) drop down menu and choose Cash for Education
• For each quarter listed, choose Amerman Elementary School PTA and click on the ADD button (make sure you do this for each quarter)
• Tell your cashier that you are a MyWay member each time you shop, or enter the phone number on your account at the self check-out lane
• You will be asked to re-enroll each year


​• Visit
• The entire shopping experience is the same and most products available on are available at Amazon Smile
• Login with your regular Amazon credentials

Mighty Nest
• Visit
• Click on the Schools link at the top of the page
• Follow the prompts to locate and choose Amerman Elementary School in the Find Your School search box
• Purchase items that are healthy for your family, your home, and the environment while earning 15% for our school!

Aunt Millie's

• Purchase specially‐marked Aunt Millie’s, Sunbeam/Holsum, and Soft 'n Good bread bags - see all eligible products here.
• Look for the UPC/School Spirit symbol
• Cut out the label and submit to your student’s teacher;  include student’s name, teacher, and grade (please do not send entire bread bags)
• Each label earns our school five cents - those nickels add up fast, and we can use the money for any school‐oriented program

Box Tops for Education

• Purchase products with the Box Tops for Education label (brands include Yoplait, Green Giant, General Mills, Fiber One, Pillsbury, Bisquick, Betty Crocker, Old El Paso, Reynolds, Scott paper products, Hanes clothing, Ziploc, Hefty, and many more)

• Cut out the Box Tops for Education label (please trim around the edges)

• Place labels in an envelope or plastic bag, and label with your child's name and his/her teacher's name

• Turn in the bag to your student's homeroom teacher, or place it in the blue container in the Amerman Lobby

• The names of all students who contribute Box Tops will be entered into a drawing for Bobcat swag! Also, the classroom with the most Box Tops will be treated to a popcorn and lemonade party! View or print the informational flyer here to learn more.

Tyson Project A+
• Purchase participating products; you can view the list here

• Look for the Support Your School’ label on the product (it’s a black and white label)
• Cut out the label and submit into the container in the Amerman lobby or to your student’s teacher;  include student’s name, teacher, and grade
• Each label earns our school $0.24