Ms. Isenberg - Physical Education Teacher

She also enjoys making goal setting fun. For example, there were banners up throughout the gym and every time a student ran a minute, then two minutes, etc., they would add their name to chart. The goal was 10 minutes, and as you can see, the banner was filled!

Being that Isenberg teaches a “special,” she has the opportunity  to see the kids grow throughout their time here at Amerman. She

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loves hearing the jokes the children tell her. They can always make her laugh, and she loves watching them laugh and have a good time.  And they adore her just the same.

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She loves seeing the students’ knowledge increase over the years in team building, problem solving, and working together. Of course, her curriculum assists with these skills. She often uses physical activity games to increase these skills, such as Mission Impossible, Treasure Island, and the popular Halloween gym.

While she has lesson plans for each class, she also knows when to modify the lesson to let the children enjoy an activity that is keeping them active. When the weather starts to warm and a group of kindergarteners see a butterfly outside, she lets them run around like the butterfly, flapping their arms and enjoying the outdoors. It’s something so small and simple, yet the children learn to appreciate the outdoors and physical activity—something that isn’t quite as common as it should be in this age of technology.

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Isenberg received her bachelor’s degree in physical education from Eastern Michigan University. She then pursued her master’s degree in Sports Administration at Wayne State University. She completed her student teaching here at Amerman and has been here ever since.

I don’t know about your children, but my kids love going to gym class! After meeting Ms. Isenberg, I can see why Physical Education is a such a big hit with them. Besides the fact that the students don’t have to worry about a giant red rubber ball being dodged at their heads from across the gym, they have a teacher that cares about her students and allows physical education to be authentic and fun.