2016-2017 PTA Goals

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Commitment to Technology and Communication

By enhancing our technology and communication we will be more connected to our school and our community and more able to collaborate on best practices and increased efficiency.

•  PayPal Addition
•  Am-A-Gram
•  Listserv Emails
•  Facebook
•  Website
•  Teacher Liaison
•  Signup Genius Enhancement
•  Setting Up Google Documents​

Social Enrichment and Responsibility

Provide opportunity for social growth and networking through activities that encourages volunteerism and social awareness.

•  Ice Cream Social
•  Movie Night/Sock Hop
•  Parent Night Out
•  Breakfast with a Buddy
•  Holiday Breakfast
•  Holiday Shop
•  Trunk 'n Treat
•  Donations (Civic Concern, Recycle Programs)
•  Bonaventure

Improving Academic and School Experience

Effectively support the teachers and students with the supplementary teaching tools and opportunities to grow in a healthy, safe and inspiring environment.

•  JES Assemblies
•  JES Reading Month
•  Science Alive/Art House
•  Reflections – PTA Arts Program
•  Funding Teaching Aids (Raz Kids, Brain Pop, Scholastic/Time Readers)
•  Funding Field Trips
•  Courtyard Project and Grounds
•  Birthday Table
•  Teacher Appreciation and Conference Support
•  New Benches for Lobby
•  Buddy Bench