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Invest In Your Child, PTA Membership, Memberhub - what's the difference? 

Invest In Your Child "Fundraising Made Simple"

This is the PTA's primary source if income in lieu of other forms of fundraising (i.e., selling pizza kits or wrapping paper).  We request $50 per student enrolled at Amerman, but you may also choose a custom amount.  Visit to contribute (a Memberhub login is not required).  Your donation is 100% tax deductible!  Each student whose family donates will get a Backpack Buddy!  This neat little bag is made from upcycled vinyl billboard material so it is durable, lightweight, waterproof and unique!  Your student can use it to corral school supplies or for many other uses!  You may also donate by cash or check by using the Invest In Your Child Form located in the Forms & Payments tab on

PTA Membership

This makes you a member of the Amerman PTA which gives you a vote on important topics that directly impact your student!  Your dues also make you a member of the Michigan PTA as well as the National PTA, the oldest and largest child advocacy organization in the world.  Please visit and for more information about the PTA and its impact on the welfare of children.  You can pay your dues and become a PTA member at (a Memberhub login is not required). You may also pay by cash or check by using the PTA Membership form located in the Forms & Payments tab on


This is the PTA's main form of communication. We ask that you create a login and become a member of our Memberhub site at so that you stay 'in the know' and are part of our community!  Memberhub will eventually become the exclusive form of communication for the PTA, so please sign up!